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About Us

With over 120 years combined experience, RCAG know precisely how complex the world of billing audit is within the following commodity areas: -

Telecommunications               Electricity               Gas                Water

Our one aim is to ensure that you have only paid for the services that you have used.

With significant complexities within the Telecoms and Utility Suppliers own billing platforms, it is inevitable that errors have occurred and that you have unknowingly been affected at some point.

RCAG are aware of hundreds of Supplier billing errors, and we are certain that your Company has been overcharged in some capacity during the past 6-years.

Let RCAG guide you through this maze and provide you with a comprehensive and independent audit review of your legacy costs.

•  Over 120 years combined experience in the recovery audit market
•  Total independence from all Suppliers
•  6-years retrospective recovery period
•  Specialists in large-value refund identification and recovery
•  Audit, identify and implement ongoing savings to reduce future costs
•  Work purely on a performance-related basis
•  Should no worthwhile opportunities exist, no charge made